A HIFU technology aesthetic device is a non-invasive fat reduction system. Devices use cartridges that are designed to converge ultrasound energy at the subcutaneous layer, at depths
of 8 mm and 13 mm. Devices target adipose tissue by using
High-intensity ultrasound energy, causing thermal coagulation,
necrosis and cell death within fat cells. The energy penetrates
through the skin and ruptures adipocytes. The content of the
ruptured adipocytes, which are primarily triglycerides, are dispersed into the interstitial tissues before being transported by
the lymphatic system. The disrupted adipocytes
are resorbed 8–12 weeks after treatment, with 95% being resorbed after 18 weeks.
The elimination of waste products and healing takes approximately 8–12 weeks, and gradually reduces the thickness of the
fat layer. The procedure can be administered on an outpatient
basis, and can produce significant results in a single treatment. At present, the only available HIFU device is Treatment takes up to 60 minutes to be completed. A patch
test must be performed on the area prior to treatment in order
to check the patient’s reaction to the treatment. Before and
after photographs must also be taken to enable comparison,
and therefore determine the actual treatment outcomes. The
practitioner must weigh the patient and take measurements
of the area to be treated before the session. The practitioner
must also ensure that the patient will commit to follow the
pre- and post-care advice.
One treatment session is sufficient for most areas. However,
depending on the thickness of the fat layer or levels of patient
satisfaction with the initial results, the procedure may be repeated in the same area. The maximum results are visible within
8–12 weeks. After completing the first treatment, a 12-week gap is
mandatory before undergoing another HIFU session.

Suitable areas for HIFU treatment include :
► Abdomen
► Flanks
► Hips
► Thighs
► Upper arms
► Face
► Neck
► Under the chin

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    Supriya on HIFU
    Serial shots were given to tighten the jawline

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